About Me

About Jay Kesler

Education & Work:
After I graduated Oakmont High School, I attended Sierra College for three years where I took several math courses including Math 10 taught by Ken Johnson, who still teaches at Sierra. I then transferred to UC San Diego where I received my BA in Mathematics. I spent a few years working towards a Pension Actuary career, but eventually realized I should be working with people. I went back to school and received a teaching credential and MA in Mathematics from Sac State. I have been teaching at various schools in the greater Sacramento area since 2008 and I have been teaching at Sierra College since 2012.

Family Life:
My wife & I met in highschool but we did not start dating until 12 years later after reconnecting through a mutual friend. We have two dogs and had our first daughter in August 2014. While I am at school, my wife runs her business Pitter Patterned (http://www.pitterpatterned.com) which keeps her busy.

Hobbies & Interests:
I have always enjoyed the outdoors, so I moved to the foothills (Cool, CA) to have easy access to running trails and some white water rafting. I enjoy running, but I don't always get out there as much as I should. My indoor hobbies include web programming, tinkering with house projects, and most recently, beer making.